Bills Mafia!!!!!!!!!!

A Big shout out to Todd Fuller who introduced me to some of these guys, just when you think you’ve seen it all. I think I enjoyed myself more out in the parking lots then in Rich Stadium (I know, Ill always call it Rich Stadium).

Todd Fuller
Todd Fuller

Hammers Lot!

Captain Buffalo shows off his credentials, bowling ball shots of Fireball. Pizza Pete makes a pizza using a file cabinet, and of course home made soup cooked in a wheel barrow and watering can, why wouldn’t you?

And………….Then there’s Kenny Johnson aka “Pinto Ron”, cooking BBQ or whatever food from several grills from on top of his Pinto. How about using a saw? A rake? Nope, the shovel works just fine. The mustard and ketchup throw is a tradition at home games only, hundred’s of followers come to watch, start showing up 45 minutes early to get a good seat, amazing. Thanks to Hammer for letting me borrow a rain jacket and offering me a good seat. I would have to say The Bills Mafia rank up there in the top 2 if not the best tailgaters in the NFL.

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