Oatman, Arizona – A Must See!

If your out exploring in Arizona, you must stop in Oatman, an old mining town just off the  Historic Route 66. Oatman is a little bit out of the way but so worth it.

There are about 26 wild Burro’s that live in town, they do what ever they want, they go inside the stores, sleep anywhere, eat anywhere, and its that simple, its their town. I was told there are over 3000 wilds burros in the region but none of them are allowed to come to Oatman, the 26 that live there fight off any outsiders.

This is a must see town, pretty cool to visit, good food, ice cream and even a little bar to hang out in,


This gentleman did not want to share his ice cream! If you want to feed the burros, for a cheap $ you can buy goodies that are good for them.

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